Fast turnaround

With 800+ qualified translators working in all time zones, we can handle translation projects 24/7.

Simple pricing

TechLoc believes in full transparency. When ordering on our platform, you’ll only pay for what you translate—no minimum spend, setup fees or hidden costs.

Human quality

Using rigorous multi-phased screening and ongoing review processes, TechLoc produces high quality human translation at ⅙ the cost of a traditional agency.

Grow your business

with our professional solutions and strategies

High quality

Through systematic testing, translation tools and ongoing QA, we provide high quality at the volume and speed you need.

Dedicated translation teams

Our professional services team is dedicated to managing complex translation projects from large enterprise clients. No matter the project type, size or urgency, we can create custom timelines and translator teams to meet your project’s exact needs.

Quality assurance

Through proprietary testing, spot-checking and peer review, we ensure high quality translation at scale.


We offer simple per-word pricing that’s ⅙ cost of traditional translation agencies. Reduce your spend, scale operations and boost productivity for all your business projects.

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