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TechLoc provides its translation services and language services into any of the major language pairs. Examples of translation languages include:

Examples of translation languages include:

Western European Translations:
  • French translations
  • Italian translations
  • German translations
  • Spanish translations
  • English translations
Eastern European Translations:
  • Bulgarian translations
  • Turkish translations
  • Ukrainian translations
  • Belorussian translations
  • Russian translations
  • Romanian translations
Arabic and Middle-Eastern Translations:
  • Arabic translations
  • Afrikaans translations
  • other Asian, Arabic or African langauges
  • requested by our clients
Asian translations (all varieties):
  • Chinese Translations
  • Korean translations
  • Vietnamese translations
  • Japanese translations
Central European Translations:
  • Polish translations
  • Latvian translations
  • Estonian translations
  • Lithuanian translations
  • Czech translations
  • Slovak translations
  • Hungarian translations
  • Slovenian translations
  • Greek translations
Scandinavian Translations:
  • Swedish translations
  • Danish translations
  • Norwegian translations
  • Finnish translations

ACCURATE, FAST AND HIGH-QUALITY translations into all above languages.